Halloween Steam Sale has Arrived

That’s right ladies and gentleman, it’s that wonderful time of year when all PC gamers can look down their noses and laugh at the console peasants: The Steam Sale is on!

I say “that time of year” as though there is only one, but it seems that Steam has a large sale on every five minutes these days. Not to mention the ‘Weekend Sales’, ‘Mid-week Madness’ Sales, and ‘Day with a Y in it’ sales. It honestly seems like Valve are just looking for an excuse to give away as much cash as possible.

It might sound like I’m complaining, but I’m really not. I truly look forward more to the Steam Christmas Sale than I do Christmas itself. The Steam platform just out-competes everything comparable to it, and that is largely in part to the amazing offers they five their customers.

Right, time to pull Gabe Newell’s balls out of my mouth and talk about this year’s Halloween Sale. Obviously, it being the spooky time of year, the deals focus a lot on horror games and films. The games list include recent hits like Resident Evil 7 and Friday the 13th, and some old treasures like Limbo and Amnesia (Yes, that game counts as old now). A personal recommendation if you like sci-fi horror would be SOMA, a game with a great atmosphere and story, though it’s not amazing on the gameplay front.

We also have a surprising amount of non-horror games at a reduced price, such as The Witcher 3 and  Total War: Warhammer, which shows just how nice the guys at Valve are. Additionally, plenty of VR horror games are on offer, so if you have forked out the outrageous amount of cash it takes to run VR you owe it to yourself to scare yourself senseless. Steam, no longer being just a gaming platform, also have a huge number of horror films on offer. Films like the Saw franchise, Scream and American Werewolf in London are on sale among others.

So, why are you still reading this article? Go out and give your money to the Valve Overlords now!

Unless you own a console, in which case you should go cry in a dark hole somewhere.