Steel Rats are Coming to Tear Up your Screens in 2018

Tate Multimedia are back once again with another motorcycling game, this time it’s the 2.5D side-scroller Steel Rats which is set to launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018.

Steel Rats is a “ground-breaking” evolution of the 2.5D action arcade genre where players straddle high-octane motorbikes capable of tearing through anyone or anything that gets in their way. Set in a stylised retro future world, the Steel Rats are a punk biker gang who are the last line of defence against ruthless junk bots.

The game is set to feature both motorbike combat and insane stunts as players navigate the futuristic wasteland both on- and off-screen through tunnels and over rooftops.

A cinematic teaser trailer has been released for the game giving us a taste of what’s to come with Steel Rats. The game also features music from the Japanese band, The’s including a remastered version of their track Hoovering.

“Steel Rats is set in an atmospheric, stylised, retro future version of 40’s and 50’s Americana” says Jacek Gburczyk, Tate Multimedia art director. “We’ve taken everything we love from America in that time period and mixed it up with our favourite parts of dieselpunk and steampunk influences to create something that has a wholly original feel and character”.

More information about the game is still to come, so stay tuned.