Stranger Things season 2 is about a week away from premiering and it’s getting harder and harder to wait for it’s return!

Last seasons finale left us with so many questions it’s hard to keep track – Eleven’s mother? The waffle scene? Where’d she go after she defeated the monster? What will the boys do without her? What’s up with Hopper now?

While we’ll have to wait until the 27th to get all those answers, Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a Eleven) gave us a brand new clip that shows a once again bad ass Eleven escaping from the Upside Down. She looks beat and there’s something growling in the background but she refuses to spend another second in that horrible place so she blasts the entrance to the normal world with her mysterious telekinetic powers and crawls out of there.

It’s awesome to see Eleven not just surviving her rough battle from last seasons finale but still holding her own and not needing anyones help to escape the Upside down! The exclusive clip linked below is only about a minute and a half but I seriously can’t wait to see more of Eleven come next week!

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