Four Ways Superman Could Return in Justice League

We’ve had the final trailer for Justice League, the team up movie for the DC Extended Universe which sees a bunch of DC heroes teaming up to fight a much bigger threat.

In case you didn’t know, Justice League will take place after the events of Batman vs. Superman which saw The Man of Steel seemingly perish against unstoppable monster Doomsday. Though if your familiar with comics, you probably know, most people don’t stay dead.

I mean, during the mid-90s there was a storyline called the Death of Superman which saw him ‘die’ and then come back to life. If you stuck to the end of Batman vs. Superman you would’ve seen Superman’s coffin start to shake.

So you could probably set your watch to the fact that Superman will come back to life in part 1 of the Justice League’s debut live action movie. He’s guaranteed to make an appearance in a dream sequence, so that much we know.

Though, I can’t help wondering how will Superman come to back life? Well, we’ve come up with 4 ideas on how that could possibly happen based on what we’ve seen in the comics…

Attack of the Clone

During the infamous Death of Superman storyline, one of the potential replacements for the blue boy scout with a younger clone mixed with human DNA called Superboy.

I doubt Superboy would make an appearance… well not yet anyway, but a clone is a possibility, either from the work of Batman or maybe Lex Luthor, though it’s not likely since his screen time has been cut.

We Are the Robots

Maybe Superman could return as some kind of mechanical stand-in, filling the Superman-shaped hole in the Justice League?

In the comics, The Fortress of Solitude (basically Supermans Batcave) is manned by Superman robots, so maybe this has an outside chance.

Who’s Bad?

Superman being brought back to life as an evil version of his former self is quite likely, I reckon. It’s clear from the end of Batman vs. Superman that Superman is not fully dead.

Maybe Steppenwolf the bad guy for Justice League uses some advanced technology to bring him back and turn him evil.

That sounds like the perfect cliffhanger for part 2 to me…

Ain’t no Holla Back Girl

This a huge out-there chance, but what if Superman is dead? What if Supergirl has to take down an evil Superman and takes his place in the Justice League?

Unlikely I know, but you heard it here first if I’m right.

Have we missed any out? Why don’t you comment below and let us know!