Minh Le’s Shooter Tactical Intervention Shuts Down

Developer FIX Games has announced that the free-to-play tactical shooter, Tactical Intervention, is coming to an end.

Way back in 2013, Counter Strike co-creator Minh Le launched Tactical Intervention, a free to play tactical first person shooter, touted as a spiritual successor to the game he helped create. Now, it seems that all of that work is about to come to an end as the developer has announced that Tactical Intervention is shutting down.

The reason for the closure is due to the game being unable to sustain itself. “The past two years haven’t gone as planned,” read the announcement. “Even with all the many updates our player numbers haven’t bounced back and the game has become unable to sustain itself.”

“As most of you will know, running the infrastructure for a video game requires a lot of effort – both in terms of manpower, and in terms of finances,” they continued. “While we were always able to find enough support among you guys – designers, admins and community leaders, the lack of revenue has lead us into an impossible situation.

Because of this, the developers had no choice but to shut down the game. In fact, it seems like the choice was out of their hands as their “surprisingly patient” European server hosts pulled the plug themselves leaving the developers in a position they can’t recover from.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel however as the announcement also stated:

“Never say never again, and maybe there will be a comeback one day in a different shape; we have never lost our passion for this game and our confidence in its potential. However, for the time being we can’t see a way out of our own private financial crisis.”

So there you have it. Unfortunately as of now the game is completely unplayable due to there being no servers to access, it’s likely soon that the game will be completely removed from Steam.

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