Telltale Games May Be “Fundamentally Different” Next Year

Telltale games hit the jackpot with their 2012 game The Walking Dead. They made a new engine and created a much beloved gameplay style that perfectly married episodic story telling with tense gameplay, offering meaningful choices that made the player think.

Since then they’ve stuck with that formula and though their other games have been good and sold well, they haven’t changed much or even at all. But that’s all going to change.

In an interview with Telltale boss Job Stauffer said that Telltale’s next games are going to be “fundamentally different”. Though he said he “couldn’t commit to anything” right now he assures us that “”It’s on our agenda for the next year to push our format forward with bigger, bolder changes than you’re used to” and “…you might see changes between episodes in current seasons. By the end of 2018, the format of a Telltale game could look fundamentally different from what it does now, even going down to how we release stuff.”

This is interesting. Telltale has typically released their games episodically , with episodes coming out months apart. Perhaps they will be releasing a whole season at a time or maybe just one or two episodes together. Not only are they thinking about changing the ” format playability to release structure” but they might even dive into new genres. Speaking on the subject Stauffer said “We have yet to really tackle a romantic comedy, something on the lighter side. Or even an adult drama, something like The Big Chill.”

I’d like to see Telltale take a stab at something new. We won’t have too long to wait to see these changes anyhow as The Walking Dead Season 4 and Wolf Among Us Season 2 will be releasing in 2018.