Minecraft at this point feels like it’s been around forever. Beginning as one of the first paid early access games, Minecraft has since spawned a version on almost every platform the latest being versions of the game on Nintendo Switch and 3DS. But its origins, as a PC title, allowed the game to become more than the fairly simplistic crafting game on consoles.

With several mods, textures, and other things being able to be added to the game, the PC version of Minecraft has by far been considered the more superior version and this list will certainly prove that point.

So here are ten incredible Minecraft creations ranging from huge sprawling cities, to some impressive Adventure and PvP maps.

Project Amsterdam 1:1 Scale

Amsterdam is an absolutely incredibly city full of canals and sprawling architecture. So that’s why I’m throwing this one at you first. Project Amsterdam 1:1 Scale is a complete remake of the Netherland city at 1:1 scale.

While the project is only roughly 10 percent complete, there’s already plenty to see in this incredibly complex Minecraft creation. With only a small team working on it, they expect it to be completed by 2018, however they have a current timescale of four to seven years for completion.

It’s definitely worth checking out. If you want to find more info you can head to the Planet Minecraft page.

King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty bummed that Game of Thrones is over for another year or so, and even then the next season will be a pretty bittersweet arrival as it’ll mark the end of the entire series. So what better way to keep the tears from coming by having your own Game of Thrones adventure in Minecraft.

This insane creation is so huge it apparently couldn’t feature in one picture. Some notable locations include The Red Keep, the Dragon Pit, and The Street of Steel. Honestly, if you have the capabilities to run this incredible map, I’d recommend it.

You can download the map from Planet Minecraft, or head to the creators’ website and join their server.

Any Skywars Map/Server

10 Insanely Awesome Minecraft Creations (Worlds and Adventure Maps) - n3rdabl3

With battle royale games dominating the gaming market right now, we should all take a second to look back at where some of the more notable battle royale games first began: Minecraft.

Minecraft’s PvP has always had some pretty incredible battle royale modes, so much so that Mojang and Microsoft introduced their own battle royale game mode into the console versions of the game.

That being said, there’s nothing quite like risking it all hopping from one floating island to another trying to find a decent weapon. You can find a pretty vast list of Skywars servers here.

Asleep Series

The Asleep series is a long-running role playing map series in Minecraft which aims to answer the question of what happens when you’re asleep. Of course we all know the world continues to chug along, but in this scenario, all manner of nightmares appear.

The series has players experiencing several different “dreams” some of which are more entertaining, others put players in amongst a number of nightmares in which they have to escape.

What’s most impressive about these maps is the use of complex command blocks to play out the map’s story. Head to the following download links to try out Asleep 1 and Asleep 2. Bear in mind, you may have to grab a legacy version of Minecraft in order for them to work.

High Rossferry

While fantasy cities might be all the rage, High Rossferry takes on the monumental task of creating a modern city filled with skyscrapers and much, much more. The team behind this build have made sure that everything is accessible and built in a realistic way.

This map has been in the works since 2011 and is an amazing feat of architecture and design, especially given the limitations of building with blocks.

To give High Rossferry a try, you can head to the Planet Minecraft page.

Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom

It’s Adventure Time, come on grab your friends. Adventure Time and Minecraft seem to come hand-in hand. With official Adventure Time skins available in the console versions of Minecraft, sharing a map which takes on the task of recreating the Candy Kingdom seems like a no-brainer.

Lords of Minecraft have recreated the Candy Kingdom from the Land of Ooo in all its pink, colourful, glory. You can grab this map from Planet Minecraft too.


Imperial City

Imperial City is an absolutely phenomenal build. The attention to detail that’s gone into this creation is breathtaking and being able to explore every inch of this world in itself is a task in itself.

All of the buildings are original and based on 19th and 20th century architecture and it’s a sight to be seen indeed. With almost a million downloads, this map is insanely popular too, with good reason.

You can download the map and texture packs from Planet Minecraft.


Who wants to step aboard the Titanic before it met its demise in 1912? I know I do and now you can too thanks to this incredibly accurate 1:1 scale recreation of the HMS Titanic.

You can tell a lot of work went into this as well as a lot of passion too as each individual room is furnished and labelled. There’s also the locations of a couple of famous passengers too, which is impressive.

Embark on your own Titanic journey by downloading the map on Planet Minecraft.

Tropica Islands V2

While most of these have been based on cities and adventure maps, I wanted to take a second to show off some insane terrain builds. This is Tropica Islands V2 and it’s essentially an archipelago created by hand.

There’s no seed-made biomes here, all of this has been created by the team behind this map, and it’s definitely a spectacular showcase of natural architecture in nature. A lot of work has gone into making this map look like a natural formation of islands, and I think they’ve done a grand job.

You can explore these islands yourself right here.

Herobrine’s Mansion (Adventure Map)

Last but definitely not least is Herobrine’s Mansion, an adventure map that is an incredible feat of level design as well as use of Minecraft’s various mechanics.

There’s a bunch of enemies to defeat as well as 6 unique boss fights. There are also elite monsters who drop diamond gear among other things, and sounds like a really thorough challenge. What’s even more insane is that no mods are required to play this particular map.

You can download the latest version here.


So there you have it, ten pretty fascinating Minecraft creations which will likely keep you occupied for a pretty long time coming. Who knows, you might be the next Skywars champion?

Got some impressive builds to show? Leave us a comment and we’ll check them out!