We have learned some more details about the latest entry in the much beloved Terminator franchise.

Along with the news that the film will reunite Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time since 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day, it has also been announced that the film will ignore the last 3 entries in the franchise. Apparently, those sequels will be a “bad dream” for the latest version, which Cameron says is possible due to the multiple timelines in the series.

This might sounds like good news; after all, the last three films sucked. Terminator 3 was a cheaper version of the second film with some unintentionally funny scenes, Terminator Salvation was an extremely effective film if we assume their motivation was to make a future war between enormous kill bots and grizzled human insurgents as bland as possible, and Terminator Genysis was a terrible piece of deviantArt fanfiction that somebody in Hollywood mistook for a script.

However, I just cannot get this niggling thought out of my mind. It just seems so lazy to ignore all the shitty entries in a series just because the fans do not care for them. It speaks of a lack of integrity on the filmmakers part to just pretend these cinematic travesties did not happen. People with that mindset are not out to make a piece of decent art, they are trying to pander to the fans to get to their wallets. I had the same reservations when I read that there might be an Alien sequel that ignores Alien 3 and Resurrection. Are they bad films? On the whole yes, but that does not mean Hollywood should forget all about them just because I wish I could.

Similarly, I think the spate of terrible sequels to Terminator speaks of a fundamental problem with the series: it’s limited. The original film was a brilliant, self contained classic, and the sequel expanded on it and did the old villain switch by making Arnie a hero. But what can you do after that? Each film has tried something different. Terminator 3 did the usual sequel schtick of repeating what the last film did, and everyone hated it. Salvation tried something entirely new by setting it all in the future, but that bombed. Genysis did… lots of stuff, and none of it worked.

I guess my question is do we need any more Terminator films? Didn’t the first two cover all that they needed to? What else could be added to make it worthwhile?

James Cameron is attached to the film in some capacity, though the director seat is currently being sat in by Tim Miller. Cameron is currently listed as producer, and though there is a lot you can criticise the man for, making poor sequels is not one of them. With both Aliens and Terminator 2, Cameron managed to take the original and make something entirely different from it. Will his influence help this film? Well, we can sure hope so.

The film is scheduled for release in 2019, so we will have to wait until then to see.

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