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The Indie Fix: Project Explosion

Bombs away! No, seriously, get that bomb as far away from you as possible.

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Project Explosion is a neat little game that shows off a polished physics engine and some well animated explosions. The ride might be short, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time.

The basic premise of Project Explosion is that you must escape from a bomb. A stick of dynamite on a timer is in a shambolic little building on every level. Your job is to not die when it eventually goes boom. The timer is around 10 seconds on most levels so it doesn’t leave a lot of room for error.

To escape the bomb, you must run. If you fail and get hit by a rogue brick or plank of wood then that’s curtains for you – time to start again. You do get told what killed you and how fast it was going when it hit you though. It’s a nice touch that shows how the slow motion doesn’t stop flying objects from packing a punch.

The building you’ve (hopefully) left behind does blow up it’s quite the sight to behold. The explosion starts with a sharp but small white light, growing until it becomes large yellow ball of fire. Bricks and timber are blown outwards in slow motion and in spectacular style.

There are also several little puzzle elements that the five tutorial levels introduce. From being able to kick down doors to being able to pick up the bomb and throw it, Project Explosion wants you to really think about what you’re doing.

After the five tutorial levels, you might be disappointed to find out that there are only five actual levels to play through. Luckily each one will take multiple attempts to finally get the right answer so the game will go on for as long as your puzzle solving abilities allow for. If you can’t crack a level don’t worry too much, if you really need to you can move onto the next level without finishing the last.

The mellow guitar music that plays over the title screen is a nice, if slightly unusual touch. It does seem to fit the general mood of the game but it’s one of those things that shouldn’t wield that does. It mirrors the dull colours used throughout the game and they pair well together. This seems deliberately so to make the explosions themselves all the brighter and more impactful.

Overall, Project Explosion is a nice game which has solid physics and a tense atmosphere throughout. You could do far worse than giving this little indie gem a go.

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