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We all love a good action filled adventure with plenty of explosions and bombastic set pieces to get your heart racing but Sole is not one of those. Sole sits firmly on the far end of the action spectrum, offering instead a quiet and peaceful world to explore at your own leisure.

Gossamer Games certainly aren’t trying to hide their inspirations. Sole definitely takes cues from the likes of Journey and Flower. In Sole, you take on the role of the last bit of light in the world. As a ball of light you must float around ancient ruins of a past civilisation brightening the place up as you go. The world is entirely grey and devoid of life until you show up. On making your way around the world will fill up with colour and trees and grass will sprout out of the ground. There’s truly nothing quite like the feeling of running along through a field as it comes to life around you.

You can almost feel the warm breeze of summer on your face. You keep going and the beautiful orchestral soundtrack continues to swell as you come upon a shining stone. You touch the stone and the wall lights up with ancient cave drawings, giving you a glimpse into the lives of the people who once inhabited this place.

Though it’s light on gameplay elements, you only move around and you can’t even jump, Sole has impressed me. I’ve never been so relaxed while playing a videogame before. The elegant nature of the music coupled with the purple and blue hues of the landscape makes you feel like you’re in your room at night with the night light on and you let your imagination run away with you. You’re completely safe here and there’s a beautiful world to see and fantastical things to uncover.

You can download Sole here.

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