Get Scared With The New Mutants Trailer

It’s kind of strange that the X-Men spin-off movies seem to be getting better and we’re having more of them, whilst the main X-movies have kind of stood still.

So, for those of you that didn’t know. The New Mutants were a young superhero team that debuted in the 80s and were a spin-off from the X-Men. Prominent members included Legion, the guy from the X-Men TV show Legion, and the sister of Colossus (the big metal guy from Deadpool), Magik whose mutant power is… magic.

Watching the trailer, you kind of get a spooky and horror haunted house vibe, as The New Mutants are trapped in some kind of haunted house, but maybe a mutant is doing the haunting?

Since demented mutant scientist, Mr. Sinister was introduced at the end of X-Men Apocolypse, maybe it’s some kind laboratory that Sinister is running to experiment on mutants?

To add to the horror vibe, Massie Williams (Game of Thrones and Doctor Who) is playing Wolfsbane, a mutant who can turn into a Werewolf.

New Mutants hits April in 2018 which also is Friday the 13th.

Since Wolverine has appeared in nearly every X-Men movie, does that mean we’ll eventually get Wolverine vs. Jason Vorhees?