Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 have announced the first big expansion for their hardcore RPG, The Surge, and it’s definitely not a walk in the park.

Okay, it definitely IS “A Walk in the Park”, that’s the name of the expansion after all, but I can probably guarantee that it literally won’t live up to its namesake. This new expansion, which is set to arrive in “early December” will throw players into a brand new setting in amongst a dilapidated theme park.

A Walk in the Park is being described as a “breath of fresh air” as players are introduced to a new and colourful environment, though we’re also being warned that it’s no less deadly than the CREO industrial complex. CREO World as it’s called, is an amusement park built for CREO employees which, as you might have guessed, is full of robotic nasties and search and rescue teams gone awry.

Expect tons of branching paths, some fresh challenges for players, as well as tons of secrets to descover, CREO World certainly looks interesting. Though I’m not too sure about being attacked by robotic mascots.

The Surge: A Walk in the Park is expected by the end of the year along with The Surge: Complete Edition, that’ll likely bundle together the base game, the various DLC, and this new expansion, in one complete package.

Check out the A Walk in the Park expansion screens below:

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