Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have announced the first DLC pack for The Surge that’ll be arriving on all platforms today absolutely free.

The Fire and Ice Weapon Pack is set to arrive today and will offer ten new weapons for players to utilize in the dystopian world of The Surge and will hopefully help them progress further than the second boss… There’ll be five weapons of fire and five weapons of ice, however players are going to have to fight for them, because of course it isn’t going to be as easy as just putting them in your inventory EH DECK13??!

In the game players will find new MG-branded weapons representing fire. These high-tech weapons are deadlier versions of CREO’s riot control tech, capable of causing some pretty high physical damage with low elemental damage. Repeatedly attacking humanoid enemies will eventually lead to a pretty big explosion – lovely.

As for the ice-powered weapons, these are CREO’s space travel testing tools, concepts, and prototypes constructed in their R&D labs. These were specifically designed for CREO’s space exploration… before y’know, everything went disastrously wrong. As you might expect, these weapons are the opposite of the fire-based weaponry with high environmental damage and low physical damage.

Once the DLC is installed, players are required to consult the security memo and a new Newsletter attached to their Organizer. It’s up to the player to figure out the clues to locate each weapon which of course is currently attached to an enemy.

Focus Home and Deck13 have also teased the game’s first premium DLC titled “A Walk in the Park” which launches later this year. This DLC will offer even more weapons, more enemies, and a new location to explore. Its launch will also include a new free content update that improves the end-game experience for high-level players.

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