Teaser Trailer for Thor: Ragnarok Released

Marvel Studios have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. The film is the third entry in the Thor series and the seventeenth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And people wonder why there is a feeling of fatigue surrounding these superhero films…

This latest entry throws Thor into the role of gladiator, as he must fight against many of the galaxies greatest warriors in order to win his freedom from the Grandmaster, an ancient, hedonistic being played by Jeff Goldblum. The film also marks the return of Loki, Odin and the Hulk, as Thor must battle the latter in the arena.

The Thor films have always been a bit problematic amongst the Marvel films. The world of Asgard has always been presented as weird and wonderful, and the majority of its characters have been very interesting. Loki is a superb villain, one of the few Marvel movie antagonists who actually have their motivation explored, as opposed to just being mad or out for revenge.

The problems emerge, however, when the films decide to come to Earth. Natalie Portman is just not a very interesting character. In fact, she is barely a character beyond being a scientist who likes extra-dimensional hunks. I remember watching the first Thor film and being exhilarated by the opening scenes, only to be sucked straight out of the movie when we transitioned to the middle of bumfuck nowhere with people I didn’t give a shit about. The second film, while much better than the first one in this regard, was still only really an average Marvel movie.

But hey, now we have a new Thor film coming out, and it really seems like they are trying to make it interesting. We have all our favourite characters from the previous films returning, no Natalie Portman and even the Hulk thrown in for good measure. They really seem to be trying to change things up in this latest entry, and I can only commend them for that. The last few Marvel movies have been at their best when they have gone all out weird and experimental, such as Dr Strange  and of course Guardians of the Galaxy. I just hope Thor: Ragnarok pulls it off as well as those movies did.

The trailer is the usual superhero movie trailer from the last two years, and by that I mean it tries to rip off The Guardians of the Galaxy with its retro-hit being played over inappropriately epic scenes. We see some glimpses of the main antagonist, Hela, played by the sublime Cate Blanchett, along with our old pal Loki.

Overall, I’d say that this is the first Thor film I have actually been excited to see. Please watch the trailer below and see if it makes you feel the same way:

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to hit cinemas on 3 November this year.