XSeed Promises Official Release Date for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC

Two days ago, XSeed stirred its Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns fans up with a tweet that read “[A Trio of Towns DLC Update] Of Sorts! The final chks have been passed, and a date will be forthcoming soon. This turtle race is almost won!” The tweet was accompanied by a gif of the player character and an NPC named Woofio crawling after a turtle on titular town Lulukoko’s beach.

Although this doesn’t necessarily give fans a lot of information, it’s exciting to hear, as the game came out in the US in February. Originally it wasn’t known if American fans would even get the DLC that Japanese gamers had for their versions of the game, and at the moment DLC still hasn’t been officially confirmed for European editions of the game, which only came out on October 13.

The DLC will also be bundled with a patch for some of Trio of Town‘s glitches, and it has been rumored that the final cost for the bundle will be only $12. Although there haven’t been many updates on XSeed’s blog about the DLC/patch for some time, the posts that do exist on the topic are fairly interesting, and their Facebook page posts regularly about additional game content, complete with screenshots.

Some of the additional content fans can look forward to are new marriage candidates in Woofio and Stephanie, the MC, who will have their own storylines and heart events, as usual. Inari, already a marriage candidate, will be able to have children with the player character. There will be new events with marriage candidates, many of which will be premarriage events, although there will also be one event where your parents and sister visits you post-marriage, instead of dropping off the face of the earth forever.

There will also be new outfits available for both genders, which the main NPCs can react and respond to. Unfortunately, Hamtaro won’t make it to the American game, even though he is in the Japanese edition.

XSeed Promises Official Release Date for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC - n3rdabl3

The patches will fix glitches such as the “beverage bash glitch,” which only happens if you’re married to Ludus. Upon trying to enter the bash, the screen just turns to white while playing the festival music, and you just have to reset the game. The glitch that keeps you from assigning certain pets as furmiliars will also be fixed, as well as the mislabeled seasonal suns, which allow you to grow crops out of season in your underground cellar. You’ll also get notifications when time for your part-time jobs has almost run out.

Though these are the only items that the patch has been confirmed for, XSeed had run a bug report form on its website, so it seems likely that most of the bugs that were plaguing fans will be taken care of.

Quite possibly the best news of all is that you won’t have to build a new farm from the ground up to take advantage of the DLC content and the patches.