Fans of Turtle Rock Studios may be surprised by the developer’s new game, as it won’t be a co-op FPS like Left 4Dead and Evolve. Instead, the studio’s new offering will be a new turn based RPG for Gear VR entitled, The Well.

Those who have been following Turtle Rock closely will know that this isn’t their first foray into VR games. Late last year they released Face Your Fears, a horror themed game; and Otherworlds, which was more of a VR experience than anything else. The developers also created Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, which was featured at San-Diego Comic Con back in July. All of those projects were met with varying degrees of success, but The Well seems to be offering something very different for Turtle Rock.

The new title looks to be taking on the fantasy genre and has a unique art style that is vaguely reminiscent of Deer God and Samurai Jack, at least in terms of the color palette and backgrounds. The game seems to focus on exploration, finding treasure, and turn based combat. Based on the trailer it seems players will have a number of characters available to pick from in order to create a party, let’s face it though we all want the tiger-person on our side. Dungeon delving looks prominent, as there are chests with loot and some nasty looking creatures to deal with. In some ways the trailer reminds me of a 3D version of The Darkest Dungeon, but less horrifying.

I’m not usually fond of VR games but, The Well looks like an interesting fantasy RPG with brilliant aesthetics, a sense of adventure, and an intriguing story. Rest assured, we’ll find out soon enough as it will be released for Gear VR October 11.

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