Vainglory Opens Pre-registration for 5v5 Mode

Super Evil Megacorp has announced that global pre-registration is now open for Vainglory’s upcoming 5v5 mode.

In an effort to push Vainglory even further into the MOBA territory currently dominated by titles such as League of Legends and DOTA 2, Super Evil Megacorp is about to open its doors to a brand new 5v5 game mode.

Since launch Vainglory has presented an incredibly solid 3v3 MOBA experience on mobile, so much so that the game has absolutely exploded in the competitive MOBA scene hosting its own world championships where players from across the globe have competed to win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Now, the developers have their eyes set on bringing an much more intense mode to the game, something found in games like LoL and DOTA: 5v5 matches. This new map has been built from the ground-up with by former competitive players and designers from the aforementioned MOBAs. This new mode is designed to reward mechanical skill and team comps, as well as objective and rotational strategies, among other things.

“When we started Super Evil Megacorp, we set out to challenge the notion that mobile-first gamers were somehow inferior to gamers on other platforms,” said Super Evil Megacorp CEO Kristian Segerstrale. “We believed that every phone was a portable next-gen console, and that every mobile player deserved games just as core, strategic and performant as players on PC. Over the past three years, millions of players across the globe rallied to our cause, embracing real-time multiplayer gaming on touchscreens, shifting the market in our direction.

“Fueled by that momentum, our mission now is creating a 5v5 MOBA that is deeply strategic and tactical, with console-grade performance, based on deep, original fantasy and personality-rich storytelling.”

In order to pre-register for Vainglory’s 5v5 map, players can head on over to the game’s pre-registration website.