For those who are unfamiliar with Critical Role, it is a show that runs on Geek and Sundry’s Twitch channel and features a cast of professional voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons.

The show has a large following and considering the campaign reached its climax last Thursday it’s no surprise that roughly 38,000 critters (fans) tuned in to see what would happen to their favourite adventuring party, Vox Machina.

The latest episode featured the players facing off against The Undying King, Vecna; who was controlled by game master, Matthew Mercer. The battle had been built up for the past few months and kept viewers guessing when the heroes would finally square off against the lich, but this week there was no more anticipation. World ending events tend to speed up player decisions for some reason, not sure why.

Getting to watch the culmination of the characters story arcs was phenomenal and utterly heart wrenching. There were moments of excitement; in which, Vox Machina was surely going to win and other moments where they were about to lose. The epic appearance of allies showing up to the table, only to be asked to leave a moment later left myself and others in a state of shock. Several clutch moments from characters; such as, Pike gave a semblance of hope, but at times even that was taken away.

The community was in a state of frenzy both in the Twitch chat and on Twitter; not only, because of the direction of the game, but because Matt Colville was rooting for the undead god through his tweets.

The most interesting thing to note about the critters reactions was that Critical Role no longer felt like an ordinary show or a stream, but rather an emotional event that fans got to be a part of. The stream also lasted nearly six hours, which was sure to have some fans suffer some negative time zone effects (I didn’t sleep at all).

This is by no means a review, but rather an elaborate way to express the passion of critters and the very unique and special ways; in which, the show has changed the nerd/geek community for the better. To the cast and crew of Critical Role, good luck on the next campaign it is sad to see the characters leave, but it is an adventure we will all experience together, again. Also may the Everlight. bless Scanlan Shorthalt for eternity.

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