Will Smith not Returning for Men In Black Spin-off

Sony’s Men In Black spin-off film will not feature the series star Will Smith. So far we do not have many details on the film, other than that it is set in the same universe as the other Men in Black movies and seeks to expand the setting.

As this is most definitely a spin-off with a capital S, we can probably make the assumption that Tommy Lee Jones won’t be returning either.

So, is this a good or bad decision? Personally, something that I believe made the first Men In Black film far better than its sequels was that Will Smith’s Agent J was the newcomer to the alien management agency. His reactions to the weirdness of what the Men in Black have to deal with made for some great comic moments. With him being a more experienced agent in the sequels, much of this humour is lost. Maybe Will Smith’s departure will work to the films benefit, assuming they find a different yet equally charismatic actor for the lead role.

What is more disappointing is that this film is definitely not the rumoured crossover with 21 Jump Street. As silly as that movie would be, it had the potential to be a really strange, hilarious comedy. Currently, it seems like that project may be dead, as stated by Jonah Hill last month.

The Men in Black spinoff is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2019.

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