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The latest trailer for the New Mutants movie looks like it contains more jump scares than Gotham City does during an average night. It also has me wondering about the X-Men franchise.

It made me think about what other kinds of horror movies would work in the X-Men universe? It has got the straightforward action science fiction genre movies down all the way up to R-rated.

So I came up with a bunch of options that could make into the X-Men franchise before Marvel Studios comes up with a cunning plan to get their toys back.

A Slasher Movie – The world of the X-men is full of unstoppable killing machines aside from Deadpool or Wolverine. So get together a bunch of rookie X-Men who can be used as cannon fodder for mutant that just won’t die, just like Jason Vorhees.

Possible candidates could include a failed weapon X program, maybe there’s another Wolverine clone floating around? Maybe if Logan has killed them all, Russian metal monster Omega Red could fill the void, or we could find out if Sabertooth survived the events of the first X-Men movie… I think it’s still canon, well for now anyway.

A Creature Feature – Again, let’s put a bunch of disposable characters together in a secluded location… with a monster or two.

You’ve got some mad scientists that the X-Men have clashed with over the years like Mr Sinister (who was introduced at the end of X-Men Apocolypse). Sinister or whoever could wipe a monster or two and let it create havoc.

The Sugarman is a pretty scary looking dude, though he’d a be little tough to introduce since he’s from a parallel universe. Though you could re-cast Kesley Grammer as the Beast and let him become the Dark Beast.

Psychological Horror – What if an evil telepath decided to mess with some peoples minds? How would the X-Men cope with disturbing images being projected into their heads?

Like horrible things happening to loved ones and nasty monsters or being trapped in X-Men Origins Wolverine for the rest of your life.

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