Xbox One Fall Update Arrives… With Another New Dashboard…

As planned, Microsoft has released the big Fall Update for the Xbox One which, among other things, comes with a brand new “faster” dashboard.

This week Microsoft launched the Fall Update for Xbox One which comes with another iteration of the Dashboard. This is one of many times the Dashboard has been reworked in an effort to make it faster and rework some of the voice and gesture controls which relied on the Kinect.

This new Dashboard makes the guide horizontal once again laying things out a little more straight forward. There are also sections for pins and other most-used apps and games. The sidebar remains and this is where most of the account controls will take place, like signing in, checking out achievements, managing parties, friends, home, messages, and more.

A lot of the focus is once again on speed with various options being accessible through a few presses of buttons. Access to apps and games is also pretty quick too with a nice large button present on the Dash. A lot of things are available at a glance too, like online friends, parties, and recent games, however to get more details players will need to dive deeper into more menus.

There’s also some neat customisation options like not only pinning games and apps, but friends and hubs too, meaning you can see a lot of stuff right from the Dashboard. Dive even deeper into the settings and you can activate a new “Light” theme which resembles that of the Xbox 360, if that was more your thing?

Of course as with any update, especially one that brings another drastic change to the Dashboard in less than 12 months, has rustled plenty of feathers:

Though as many of us already know, gamers hate change.

For a full look at the new Dashboard (if you haven’t got it yet) check out the walkthrough video below: