Update on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has revealed that Original Xbox games are still coming to the Xbox One with some real progress being made.

Ah Microsoft and backwards compatibility, backwards compatibility and Microsoft; truly the greatest will-they-won’t-they since Ross and Rachel. All of us sordid love affair fans have gotten some good news, as Spencer, the man in charge of Xbox at Microsoft, has given us another update after the announcement of Original Xbox backwards compatibility for the Xbox One.

Speaking with Gamespot at the Brazil Game Show, he said:

We’re close, we’re really close, I have a little dashboard I go to and I can see all the games [and] where they are in getting approvals in the pipeline. I know the games that are coming for the original Xbox but I don’t think we’ve announced them all. We have to do this in partnership with partners, but we’re still on track. I feel really good. The games look great.”

So much like the Xbox 360’s list of backwards compatible games, the Xbox One will have a limited roster of Original Xbox titles that will still be playable. No doubt this will be a much smaller list than the already disappointingly sparse number of Original Xbox games that could be run on the Xbox 360. Still, at least we are getting something, so maybe we shouldn’t be too ungrateful to our mighty Microsoft Overlords.

So far, we know that Crimson Skies and Fusion Frenzy are two such games that will be made playable, but beyond that we really don’t know much about the rest of the roster. We will just have to wait and see if we receive any further updates soon.

Spencer reiterated that this feature will be out before the end of this year. A tight deadline, but it seems Microsoft definitely expect to make it. So I hope we all look forward to the undoubtedly enormous update just before Christmas that will put a strain in internet connections everywhere.