Zeku Infiltrates Street Fighter V

Things are about to get tougher for Ryu and the gang as new challengers makes their way other to Street Fighter V. Zeku is the newest member of the cast, but will be any good?

Overall, the designer for Zeku is a little dull as he looks like an extra from a generic Kung Fu movie. You know the Kung Fu movies I’m on about, the ones with great but sparse fight scenes that expose how badly the story is stringing together a bunch of different fights.

Though to be fair, his alternate skin if pretty cool, I can’t resist a long red scarf.

As we know looks can be deceiving and if you can throw an awesome kick even if you’re just wearing a pair of off-white underpants. Zeku’s moves seem to be mostly kick orientated with the occasional open palm strike that gives out a devastating knock over hit.

Of course, since this a Street Fighte game, Zeku is a master of a martial art and Zeku is a master of Bushin, the 38th master to be exact. Bushin is supposed to be a mix of modern styles including grappling and stand up and a bit of weapon work as well.