This week SEGA and The Creative Assembly announced the first of their “A Total War Saga” titles, Thrones of Britannia.

Announced a little while back, A Total War Saga, is a series of spin-off games which focus on a single historical war. These games are single serving and SEGA are making sure players know that this isn’t the next historical Total War game.

A Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia has players heading to The British Isles in 878AD and will offer super detailed campaign maps which focus on much smaller areas.

“Our aim with Total War Sagas is to explore key flashpoints at distinct places and times in history”, said Series Director, Mike Simpson. “Unlike our era-spanning titles, we’re putting defined geographical areas under the microscope, building super-detailed campaign maps with a strong cultural focus and flavour that players can dive into. This will complement our broader-scope titles perfectly”.

A trailer for the game has also been released which you can see below:

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A Total War Saga – Thrones of Britannia is set to land on PC in 2018.

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