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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has been available worldwide for a few days now, and while many are enjoying building their own little camps for many of the citizens of Animal Crossing, some players have taken a rather… dark turn.

In the game players can encourage citizens to come to their new camps by purchasing and crafting the furniture of which they desire. This is essentially a way of players to “collect” visitors as once they’re at your camp, they don’t tend to leave. However some players have started to make this a little more permanent by turning their Animal Crossing Pocket Camp into Animal Crossing Prison Camps.

Looking through the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp hashtag this weekend it didn’t take long for me to find people sharing screenshots of camps they’d visited which saw players using lattice fencing to create makeshift prisons.

Take a look for yourself:

We’ve even got a number of cults taking place:

So yeah, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a pretty dark side to it… What weird stuff have you seen happen in the game, if anything?

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