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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the next big mobile game from Nintendo and it’s available on iOS and Android right now. There’s plenty of things to do in the game, however if you’re unfamiliar with the game or are looking for some quick tips, this Animal Crossing Pocket Camp guide might be of some help.

From the very beginning of the game some of your decisions will determine how you’ll start, so before rushing in, here’s a quick rundown of the best way to begin.

Choosing your starting animal in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

When initially jumping in the game you’ll be able to create your Pocket Camp manager choosing from a number of face and hair styles. From here everyone’s favourite mayor Isabelle will ask what you may consider is a bit of a pointless question: “what’s your ideal campsite” but this question determines the starting character for your camp.

Depending on your answer, you’ll get the following starter animal:

  • Apollo: Cool
  • Goldie: Natural
  • Jay: Sporty
  • Rosie: Cute

Changing your appearance in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Sometimes you’re just a little too eager to get in the game and creating your character becomes one of those unnecessary windows you just tend to skip by. Once you’ve had some time to get into things, you may find that you’re unhappy with your appearance and want to shake it up a bit.

Good news, you can indeed change your appearance and it costs absolutely nothing. Simply head to “More” then “Settings” then you’ll be given the option to “Edit Character”. From here you can pretty much change everything from hair style and colour to eye style and colour.

Earning Bells in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Breezy Hollow Screenshot

Throughout the entire Animal Crossing series Bells have been used as the currency for purchasing clothing, furniture, and much more. In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp this is no different.

You can earn Bells a number of ways, first by talking to animals. Completing tasks or simply asking them “what’s new” will usually result in a bag of Bells coming your way. Another way to earn bells is to sell unwanted items. It’s pretty easy to run around collecting fruit, shells, fish, and bugs and they’re the easiest earners.

You can either throw them in your Market Box and name your price in the hopes that another player will purchase, or you can simply just sell things at a set rate.

Helping out other players get into the quarry is also a sure way to earn 100 Bells. Simply check your friends list on occasion to see who has a little spade icon in the top right. Tap on their name and offer “Lend a Hand” with the dig. Once they’ve got four other players and complete their quarry run, you’ll receive 100 Bells as a “gift”.

Another cheeky way to earn Bells is by shaking fruitless trees. Every day in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp there’ll be one non-fruit-bearing tree you can shake and it’ll throw out a bag of Bells worth anything from 100 to 500 Bells.

How to Gift Bells in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

There’s currently no way to directly give Bells to other players in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, however for those who “Lend a Hand” with your trip to Shovelstrike Quarry will receive a gift of 100 Bells once you’ve completed your dig.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Shovelstrike Quarry Entry

Selling Unwanted Furniture in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In an effort to please every animal in Pocket Camp you’ll be tasked with crafting furniture you simply don’t want. I mean, not everyone wants a polka-dot couch, right? Rather than hoarding furniture you’ll never use, you’re probably wondering how to sell furniture in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Selling furniture isn’t difficult at all and is a good way to earn Bells, simply head on over to the Market Place and speak to Tommy directly. He’ll then ask if you have any furniture to sell. This is currently the only way to sell furniture and unfortunately you can’t set your own price.

Connect My Nintendo Account to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

One thing many people may have overlooked is connecting a My Nintendo Account to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. If you have one, it might be time to dig out the details as it’s a pretty valuable addition to the game. If you don’t have one, this is an ideal time to do so.

Connecting your My Nintendo Account unlocks a number of missions which can be completed to earn My Nintendo Points, these points can then be exchanged for a number of rewards. This is also how to unlock the OK Motors jacket and hat.

Points can be exchanged for Bells, craft materials, and there’s also a one-time offer for 50 free Leaf Tickets.


Rare Fish and Bugs in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Rare Fish and Bugs will occasionally appear in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp however there’s unfortunately no tips on how to catch them. These are completely random events but there are a few things to look out for.

For Rare Fish you’ll find that their shadows are a little bigger than the usual fish, so keep an eye out for the bigger shadows at Lost Lure Creek and Saltwater Shores. As for Rare Bugs, these are pretty easy to spot, and they can be caught just how you’d catch any other.

Here’s a rundown of the different fish and bugs in Pocket Camp:


Name – Location – Rarity


  • Tiger Butterfly – Near Flowers – Common
  • Monarch Butterfly – Flying – Common
  • Emperor Butterfly – Flying – Rare
  • Fruit Beetle – Trees – Common
  • Jewel Beetle – Trees – Rare
  • Miyama Stag – Trees – Rare
  • Horned Dynastid – Trees – Rare


Name – Location – Rarity

  • Pale Chub – Lost Lure Creek – Common
  • Crucian Carp – Lost Lure Creek – Common
  • Yellow Perch – Lost Lure Creek – Common
  • Black Bass – Lost Lure Creek – Common
  • Koi – Lost Lure Creek – Rare
  • Rainbow Trout – Lost Lure Creek – Rare
  • Horse Mackerel – Saltwater Shores – Common
  • Olive Flounder – Saltwater Shores – Common
  • Squid – Saltwater Shores – Common
  • Red Snapper – Saltwater Shores – Common
  • Blowfish – Saltwater Shores – Rare
  • Football Fish – Saltwater Shores – Rare
  • Tuna – Saltwater Shores – Rare


How to Get Animals to your Campsite in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The ultimate goal in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is to get as many animals as you can to your camp. This involves wooing them with items you’ve acquired and levelling up their friend meter. But how do you get animals to come to your camp?

This usually requires crafting a number of particular items for your camp. But what if you don’t have enough room or you’ve perfected your campsite? Well there’s a simple trick here, but you’ve got to be careful.

Once you’ve acquired the items the animal requires to come to your camp, tap on “Automatic Placement” once you’ve done this it’ll essentially wipe your camp and place all of the required items in its place. Once the animal has arrived, checked out those bits, and becomes a part of your camp, you’ll be asked if you want to commit to the changes. Here you simply tap to revert the changes and boom, your camp is back to normal.

Helpful hint:

Once you’ve got a couple of visitors to your campsite, don’t neglect them as they’ll still be requesting items and be willing to have conversations with you that’ll ultimately add points to your level meter. To find out which animals have requests simply tap on your camp on the world map and cycle through each of the animals to see who, if any, has a request. Also don’t forget to check with each animal who may have “something new” to tell you.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Conversation Screen

How to Change Camper Style in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players can also customise their camper vans. At the start every player begins with the classic VW Camper-style vehicle however there are two styles to choose from.

Head to OK Motors and talk with the Blackbirds, they’ll first give you a free paint job as well as set you up with your first upgrade. When you upgrade you’ll immediately be thrown a loan which you can pay off in the game’s “More” menu. Once you’ve paid off your first loan head on over to OK Motors and talk with Giovanni, then choose the option “Customise my Camper!” then choose “Change Camper Style” from here you’ll be able to switch between the VW style and a much bigger RV.

This option is completely free-of-charge too so you can switch and change as you please. Here you can also purchase some of the limited paint jobs, though they can be quite pricey.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Camper Style Selector

Connect your Social Media Accounts for Easy Friendship

For some reason Nintendo find it incredibly difficult to simply allow you to add each other using a username. On the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS you’re required to shoot over a long string of numbers to friends which they have to punch in, in order to add you.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is no different. You’ll be asked to share a ten-digit code to friends in order for them to add you. The good news is, you don’t HAVE to. If you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll be able to find friends quickly and easily through these connected accounts.

For those friends who don’t use Twitter or Facebook, enjoy sharing your number…

Expand your Inventory for Free in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

While it costs 20 Leaf Tickets to expand your inventory in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp there’s one cheeky way to store more fruit than you can hold. To do this, simply shake the fruit down from a tree and leave it. This fruit will stay on the ground until you’ve picked it up. While it isn’t exactly expanding your inventory, you do get at least three storage spots for fruit per tree, right?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Inventory Upgrade Screen

Raising the Friendship Level Cap in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Once you’ve got yourself a pretty nice campsite and have made friends with plenty of the animals in the game, you’ll soon start to see that certain animal’s Friendship Levels no longer rise. In order to raise the Friendship Level Cap you’ll need to either level up your Amenities or change your Amenity all together.

Each animal in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has their own Style: Cool, Natural, Sporty, and Cute. In addition, each Amenity also has its own style. In order to raise the Friendship Level you’ll need to build and upgrade the Amenity of your choosing. In order to raise this cap quickly, you’ll need to build each of the different Amenities available, however these are the items which take the longest to be built, so I use the term “quickly” very loosely.

How to Craft Clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Currently the ability to craft clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is “coming soon”. We currently have no word as to when this will be coming or how it’ll work. In the mean time, players can head to the Market Place and purchase clothing from Kicks or the Able Sisters. A full list of clothes currently available can be found on the Fandom Wikia.


Hopefully this answers all of the questions you may have about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Though keep an eye on this post as we’ll be updating it as and when new features are added to the game.

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