A few minutes worth of footage taken from the upcoming Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War was leaked online. This was uploaded by a user named Ascended Ancient on Vimeo, though these clips have since been taken down by Marvel and the account responsible has been closed.

This, of course, did not stop thousands of people seeing the clips and create yet another surge of speculation about the film all across the internet. The clips themselves were mainly short, few second snippets taken from the film, but this has still led to a massive amount of people breaking them down to glean as many details as possible from the footage. It seems that whenever any footage is released of the latest nerd hit, suddenly the internet turns into Columbo.

Avengers: Infinity War is going to be the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will feature many of the characters present in other entries in the franchise having to team up to defeat a larger threat. Sounds like the Avengers? Well, yeah… but it’s even bigger-er and better-er than that because now they are even more superheroes in one movie!

In all seriousness, the film is certainly very ambitious, including so many different and diverse characters in just one story. It is also the first of a two-part story involving the galactic conqueror Thanos hunting down the infinity stones, which are the macguffin objects featured in many of the other films. Of course, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe already being one of the most successful film franchises ever made, Marvel can afford to be ambitious with this new project. I do worry that featuring so many characters in one story might spread each individual’s character development a bit thin, but I was saying that about The Avengers so I wouldn’t listen to me.

So what information has been gleaned from these leaked clips besides the colour of the Hulk’s pants? Well, we saw Proxima Midnight, daughter of main villain Thanos. What was she doing? Like every character in a Marvel film, she was punching things and being punched. Scarlet Witch also blows up a truck, which is new because… err… we haven’t seen her blow up a Heavy goods licensed vehicle before? Okay, everything leaked was pretty much what you would expect to find in a Marvel film, alright!

There was a longer clip that featured the Guardians of the Galaxy breaking into the Collector’s base, only to find him being tortured by the bad guys into giving them the location of an Infinity Stone. Who’s the Collector? God, if you aren’t the kind of Marvel nerd who pores over every detail of the admittedly rather basic but extensive lore, why are you reading this article? The Collector was the guy in the first Guardians of the Galaxy who collects (hints in the name) various curiosities from across space to house in his special gallery, even though he could probably sell them for a fortune on Space Amazon.

On second thought, learning that the bad guys looking for the Ininity Stones might use violence to achieve their ends isn’t really shocking either. Regardless of how relatively unsurprising the leaked footage was, it certainly has put more pressure on Marvel to release the trailer for the film.

Once that happens, us nerds will have something else to waste our time poring over. At lease until the next Star Wars clip comes out.

Avengers: Infinity Wars is scheduled to release in the US on the 4 May 2018.

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