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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer is Here!

A War is Coming...

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here FINALLY!!! We have our first true look at what the highly anticipated next Avengers film will bring, and from the looks of it a lot of death and destruction.

Avengers: Infinity War is what the past ten years of Marvel films has been building towards, so needless to say this 2 part movie is going to need to pull out all the stops. For starters, Thanos looks fucking badass!! Sadly, we still have not received a good look at Thanos’ “Black Order”, or The Cull Obsidian as they’re sometimes referred to. This band of ultra powerful aliens are his most trusted generals and play a HUGE role in his assault on Earth’s defenses, so unless you slow the trailer down at a couple parts it’s easy to miss them, unless you know what to look for.

Anywho, the new Stark/Spidey suit looks awesome! Peter will need all the protection he can get, considering the trailer shows Thanos choke-slamming the poor lil guy. I think it is safe to say that Part 1 will involve a LOT of suffering, and then the second will be when the Avengers really start to fight back.

But anyways, stop reading this and just watch the damn trailer already, and then watch it again! This movie is going to be EPIC.

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