Activision has revealed that from November 14 premium currency in the form of COD Points will be arriving in Call of Duty: WW2.

If you thought you’d gotten away without spending a cent in Call of Duty: WW2’s multiplayer mode in order to unlock loot boxes, think again. Activision has revealed that COD Points go live beginning Tuesday, November 14 at 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK, 6pm CET.

These points will allow players to use real cash to purchase Rare Supply Drops within the game. Supply Drops are one of the ways players can earn vanity items in the game and they come in two forms, Standard and Rare. The Rare Supply Drops offer a higher chance at getting Rare and Epic items.

Rare Supply Drops can be earned at random during play, or by completing Orders and Contracts.

Those who pre-ordered the game will receive 1,100 complementary COD Points, which can be spent in the in-game store. We’re currently unsure what the exchange is for COD Points or how much Supply Drops will cost.

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