Christmas is on the way and you’re finding yourself needing to buy something for your comic book loving friend or family member. If you’re reading this, it’s a good chance you don’t your Batman from your Spider-man or who is a DC character and who is a Marvel character.

I bet you don’t even want to try and figure out which Flash is the fastest let alone if Superman stood a chance in a foot race with him. Well, fear no more, We’ve got some top suggestions that you can easily pick up on the high street or online.

For fans of Marvel (Spider-man, The Avengers, Ant-Man).


Logan cover 2

Witness Hugh Jackman as Wolverine one last time as the rundown hero sets out to do the right thing just one more time in a dark future where mutants and hope are scarce.

A defining addition to the superhero movie genre that influences it for years to come.

Spider-man Homecoming


A big moment for the Marvel movies this year as Spider-man’s first solo movie set in the Marvel Universe (meaning it’s set in the same timeline as The Avengers)

Probably everyone’s first favourite superhero, the web-slinger is set to be a big part of the Marvel movies for years to come.

A good one for Boxing Day during a food coma.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol

It’s Star Wars with an epic retro soundtrack and the non-stop humour of Futurama.

A fun sci-fi romp of comic book fans that are a fan of The Guardians and for those who are not.

Spider-man Worldwide Volume 1

For the fans who like to stay ahead of the curve of the movies. This is for them. This volume tells the tale which let you see Peter Parker as CEO of his own company.

Is his luck about to change? It may do, but enjoy this Saturday morning cartoon romp whilst it lasts!

For fans of DC Comics (Batman, Superman, Justice League).

Wonder Woman 2017

Wonder Woman poster Cropped

Let the tough warrior from a distant land capture your imagination as Wonder Woman wades into World War One as she tries to save the day from a nefarious evil working in the shadows.

See a key part of the DC Extended Cinematic kill it in her first adventure.

Justice Volume 1: Origin

The Justice League has braved the big screen for their first adventure.

Though that’s not out to own this year. So to satisfy their thirst for DC’s premiere superhero team witness their most recent origin story which pits a group of very different heroes together for the first time with the world at stake.

For the one you’re unsure about

Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1

The live action is out in Japan during December, so why not find them a new addiction in the form of manga.

Manga being essentially Japanese Comics. Witness the tale of two brothers trying to right a wrong where Alchemy is the ruling power.

Power Rangers by Boom Comics – Any volume you can get a hand on

Smaller comic book publisher, Boom Comics has got the rights to publish Power Rangers comics and they are great.

I’m biased being a lifelong fan of the franchise, but if you get your hands on any volume of this series it will indeed be a Merry Christmas.

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