Death Coming has launched out of Early Access and has likely become the fastest game to do so. The ironic thing was, it was a complete accident.

Death Coming is a game where players take the role of the grim reaper in order to save their own lives. In order to do their job, players must discover and carefully time potential accidents so that their unsuspecting victims meet their maker. It’s basically Final Destination: The Game.

The game launched into Early Access on November 6, the next day it fully launched on Steam and the most ironic thing is, it was a complete accident. The developers pushed out an update for the game and rather than releasing the update, they accidentally flipped the switch and fully launched the game.

“While players were running around trying to cause fatal accidents in the game, we made one in real life! The irony is certainly not lost on us, that has to be some kind of early access record?” Said the team at Next Studio. “On Nov. 7th, we uploaded Version 426 after fixing bugs all through the night. However, at the same time, we accidently (sic) released the game unexpectedly! When we spotted this from comments by players, we found we could not go back to *Early Access*. Even though we are mad with ourselves, we have to accept this accident.”

Because of this little hiccup the developers want players to be aware that the game is still technically an Early Access game despite it being fully available on Steam. Next Studio is currently working around the clock to ensure that the game is in the best state possible.

Death Coming is now available on Steam for the discounted price of $4.54 until November 13th. After the sale, the game will cost $6.99.

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