Bossa Studios has started the Decksplash free week and have revealed that if the target of 100,000 players isn’t met, the game just won’t be released.

A few weeks back Bossa Studios revealed that they’d be holding a Splash N’ Grab week-long event for Decksplash in which anyone can jump into the game and give it a whirl. In this announcement the developer revealed that they were looking to get over 100K players into the game, and if they did it’d be released!

What was met with slight confusion however was what would happen if the game didn’t hit the milestone. Simply put, the game would be canned.

The reason for this fairly controversial decision is around Bossa’s focus on creating communities around its game. The team wants to see if Decksplash has a community strong enough to turn the game into what is a glorified prototype, to an Early Access project.

Simply put, if 100K players don’t want to play the game for free, then they certainly won’t want to play if it launches into Early Access, and frankly that makes a lot of sense.



More reasons why can be found in the little explainer video below:

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So if you want the game to become a reality, the best thing to do is to download the game and give it a whirl. It’s definitely worth it, trust me. You can follow the game’s Splash N’ Grab progress on its website.

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