Sledgehammer Games has this week confirmed that after short downtime, dedicated servers are returning to Call of Duty: WW2.

Over the past weekend Sledgehammer Games made the decision to switch Call of Duty: WW2 from dedicated servers to peer connectivity. This helped stabilise the game somewhat, but also caused Host Migration notifications each time the host left the game or disconnected.

The developer revealed in a blog post that they were testing a new infrastructure and hope to get it online as soon as possible, and as of last night, the servers came back online. What’s more, the long-awaited update for the PC version of the game also arrived.

This shows great progress from the developers however there are still a few problems. The game’s Headquarters – the shared social space for upto 48 players – is still mostly a single-player experience.

These issues have also caused the delay of the game’s premium currency, COD Points, that’ll allow players to use real cash to purchase loot boxes. COD Points are now scheduled to hit the game on November 21.

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