Demon’s Souls was the first game in the now critically acclaimed Soulsborne series but its life is finally coming to an end. On February 28, 9 years after its initial release, Demon’s Souls will have its servers shut down.

From that date players will no longer have access to online play including invasions, co-op play, bloodstains and the series’ iconic hint messages will be unreadable. It’s quite amazing that such a game even had its servers online this long. Demon’s Souls famously came about when Hidetaka Miyazaki was made the head of a project that was failing. Nobody thought it was going to be a success and Sony didn’t even think it was worth publishing outside of Japan, which is why Atlus published it in the US and Bandai Namco released the European version.

Of course we all know how it turned out. The series didn’t really take off until Dark Souls but Demon’s Souls was still fairly popular. In fact, this isn’t the first time the servers were shut down. Back in 2012 Atlus USA decided the time had come to take the game offline, saying ” It was also of the utmost importance for us to sustain the game’s online experience as long as possible, even beyond the point at which sales could help to offset the expense. Regrettably, the online servers cannot be sustained forever and now the end draws near.” but they were wrong.

The Souls games have an immensely passionate fanbase, as evidenced by the fact they still have yearly events to celebrate their favourite game, and a massive fan outcry persuaded Atlus to keep the servers switched on.

However, it has now been almost 10 years since it came out and its unlikely they’ll be persuaded to do the same again. February 28 will certainly be a sad day for Demon’s Souls fans but we’d do well to remember the words of Atlus’ statement from 2012.

The online adventure may end soon, but the memory of it—just like that of every boss strategy, every level floor plan, and hidden secret—lives on in the gamers for whom the game was so special.

Long live Boletaria!

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