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Destiny 2 Season 2 Detailed by Bungie

So many new things to collect!

Bungie have revealed details on Destiny 2‘s Season 2, and with the coming of The Curse of Osiris players will see a shift in seasons, literally.

Bungie previously detailed that Destiny 2 will have four seasons throughout the year, allowing an ever changing player experience, while also giving Bungie the chance for ‘Big Updates’ to the game. For example, this coming Season 2 will see a change in the scaling of player XP gained while playing. Bungie released a statement saying they were aware of the unfair XP earned and gave plans as to how they were going to balance things out across the board.

Season 2 will bring back The Dawning. With it will come changes to the Tower and Farm as well as a new round of casual mini games for players to take part in like snowball fights and hockey. Also, what would a new season be without some spiffy new gear?!

Destiny 2 Season 2 The Dawning

Mmmm look at that sexy gear.

Anyway, a big change with the new season in Destiny 2 will be in regards to clans. Remember all that hard work you put in raising your clan rank? WELL GUESS WHAT?! All that hard work will be ripped away from you and your clansman and reset! You don’t like it?? Well too bad, its happening, deal with it! Now, as I was saying, Clan Banner perks will be tailored to the theme of the season, like how some perks were aimed towards the Cabal in season 1.

Don’t let that frown get you down though, Bungie is giving players the chance to max out their current Clan experience before Season 1 comes to a close. The “Clarion Call” will allow players to earn DOUBLE XP meaning you have the chance to earn twice as many Bright Engrams, woo.

Bright Engram Rewards in Destiny 2 will change with the seasons though, meaning new emotes, sparrows, ghost shells, ships, and all the other cosmetic shit from season 1 will be switched with newer, fancier, (possibly) better cosmetic rewards in season 2. Bungie showcased new exotic sparrows, ships, and a ‘Mic Drop’ emote that will replace the Spicy Ramen emote.

Faction Rallys are also getting an update with the new season, you know, the event where players pledge their loyalty to one of the three factions. Where season 1 gave players the opportunity to score Faction weapons, Season 2 will let players earn the chance to get faction Armor by playing and representing the faction they chose! *Ooooooo Ahhhhhhh*

Bungie has admitted that Destiny 2‘s token system doesn’t work for every game activity. Because of that, some much needed TLC is going into how Iron Banner rewards work. Bungie will be giving players the opportunity to purchase Iron Banner guns directly by cashing in their tokens and Legendary Shards. Through gameplay achievements, players will also have the chance to gain new armor ornaments as well. Take a look..

Destiny 2 Season 2 Exotic Ship Destiny 2 Season 2 Ghosts Destiny 2 Season 2 Rituals Destiny 2 Season 2 Armor

It is unclear whether all of these will be available right at the start of Season 2 or if they will be rolled out over the coming weeks, but there is certainly a ton of new, exciting things on the horizon for the renowned shooter.

Destiny 2 The Curse of Osiris drops world wide December 5! Let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below and for everything Destiny 2 related, keep checking back with us at n3rdabl3, we’ve got you covered.

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