Before we see the brand new Doctor Who this Christmas, let’s set into the Tardis and visit a forgotten adventure from the 70s.

The year is 1979, Tom Baker is the gallivanting deep voiced mysterious Doctor Who. The Doctor is about to embark an adventure to the mysterious Shada, but this was cut short not due to the intervention of the Cyberman or the Daleks. No, it was due to a strike that meant the BBC had to abandon it.

Kind of like how the mysterious bug creatures from the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation got kind of forgotten due to the writers strike during the late 80s and early 90s.

Though through the miracles of animation, the Tom Baker adventure returns using a mix of live action and animation along with the return of the main cast, Shada will be completed.

Can the Doctor stop a book from Gallifrey holds the key to Shada falling into the wrongs hands? Check it out:

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Shada is released on the November 24 with a DVD release on the December 4.

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