It’s been a long wait since the first episode of the fan series Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope hit YouTube hit back in 2015 and now the journey comes to an end.

Light of Hope is a fan series put together by content creators Robot Underdog retelling the story of what happened in the alternate timeline where Trunks grew up during the reign of terror put down by The Androids.

Putting one episode back in 2015, the team used this a lure and proof of concept to help with their successful crowd-funded campaign to create two more episodes of the series. After two years of production, today is the day that the episode’s premiere on YouTube.

The video hit at midnight, Pacific, which translates to roughly 3AM EST, and 8AM GMT. The question is, with YouTube’s much stricter approach to content, will the episodes be safe?

We know anime passion projects are getting a rough time as they get flagged by parties involved in the original products. Like the Dragon Ball Z parody, Team Four Star, and the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series.

Straight face ones like Robotech and X-men haven’t faired well either. Let’s gather all the Dragon Balls and wish to Shenron this doesn’t happen.

Check out the live launch by following this link here. Or you can watch the full film below:

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