Ego Cam is a brand new video app from the makers of Fleksy that hopes to revolutionise the way we record and share personal videos by offering intelligent face tracking to eliminate motion sickness and other unwanted feelings from shaky cam.

With all of our moments quickly becoming share-worthy, there’s nothing worse that recording a video of your reaction only to find that your hand shook more than being in the arctic in nothing more than your underwear. These priceless moments are things you don’t want to miss, or have ruined by shaky cam, so in comes Ego Cam a new, free app from the makers of Fleksy.

Ego Cam isn’t just another selfie app, this is an app that’ll completely shake-up the personal video game. How? Ego Cam intelligently tracking faces in real time to ensure that users become the focal point of their videos. This is the sort of stabilisation usually offered by expensive smartphone gimbals, but with Ego Cam you don’t need to spend a penny, it’s incredible.

The reason for this app isn’t just so that your beautiful face is in frame and in focus at all times, however, it’s because maintaining eye contact when communicating with friends, family, and even strangers, is one of the most important parts of that interaction. Eye contact and micro-expressions are just a few of the ways we understand each other and when videos have faces darting all over the place, this becomes pretty tricky to do.

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“Imagine if your video was not only non-shaky, but the subject was always nicely composed at or near the center of the frame, almost regardless of the camera’s movements? All of this is what inspired us to create the world’s first face-specific stabilization camera on a smartphone, an app that elevates the front-facing camera, allowing for stable and intimate electronic interactions,” wrote husband and wife founders, Kosta and Ashley Eleftheriou on their blog. “Sure, we’ve been able to get by with the front-facing camera for selfie snaps (with the help of fun filters), and we manage to FaceTime with the ones near and dear to us. But how many times have you wanted to ask your kid nephew to just stay still on FaceTime so that you don’t get motion-sick?”

So what’s the deal with the app? Well, after a few months of testing, Ego Cam is finally available on the App Store and currently offers two things, the first is the ability to record video with the app’s real-time face tracking. The second is a “beats” feature which showcases another instance of how this tech can be used by having a stabilised video cut up to a piece of music.

Ashley also spoke to n3rdabl3 about some other features, such as an upcoming feature that’ll allow users to create selfie-hyperlapses based on videos or images taken during a certain period, and stitch them together seamlessly without the need to do anything special. Yep, that’s right, Ego Cam can also use videos you’ve already recorded and stabilise those too. The app will simply look in your selfie folder and auto center the face in all of the frames.

While it’s been in beta testing for the past couple of months, Ego Cam is now available on the App Store. It’ll also be coming to Android soon.

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