The ENHANCE hard-surface LED mouse pad is quite the accessory. With seven RGB light settings and measuring in at 13.75 by 9.87 inches (34.95 by 25.07 cm), it provides an affordable, modest package for gamers on a budget who still want some style. But is it worth switching over from that cloth pad you’ve been using? Let’s take a look.

For starters, the colors are vibrant, yet subtle enough that they’re not distracting. What’s neat is that they shine through the clear parts of the surface and through the sides, giving off a nice, colourful glow in low-light settings. There are various settings you can play with, but my personal favourite is the alternating rainbow pattern. If you’d rather not have the LED lights on, you can just turn them off from the pad itself.

The body of the ENHANCE mouse pad isn’t much to write home about, but it does the job. You can see imperfections along the edges, but they don’t impact the integrity of the product. For power, you are provided with a lengthy, fibrous USB to micro-USB cord. No matter how you have to situate the pad, you shouldn’t have a problem connecting it to your PC.

After a couple weeks of testing, I can confirm that the ENHANCE LED mouse pad is a great tool for precision gaming. For starters, keeping it clean is simple. Dust that tends to interfere with mouse tracking isn’t much of a problem with this pad since you can wipe it off with ease. Even at high sensitivity for games like Call of Duty, this pad ensures that tracking is precise, and small movements get recorded. For lower sensitivity games like Civilization, scrolling around a map is smooth and seamless.

ENHANCE LED Mousepad positioned portrait on a small desk

If there is a downside to this pad, it’s that it can potentially get in the way of your desktop setup. It’s not bulky, but since the body is hard plastic, you may have some issues fitting it around your keyboard and monitor if your desk isn’t that big. You know those nice, esportsy setups with the oversized pads that reach under your keyboard? Yeah, you can’t do that with a hard-surface pad. My desk is very small, and I actually had to use the pad lengthwise by moving my keyboard over a little bit.

Coming in at $29.99, this pad has a lot of bells, whistles, and practicality that the frugal consumer might be looking for. If you’re looking for something new and a bit unique, give the ENHANCE hard-surface LED mouse pad a shot.

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