Niantic Labs has revealed that its slightly delayed European Pokémon Go Safari Zones have now come to a close and have been a resounding success.

Over the past couple of months, and following a slight delay due to instability, Niantic Labs have been holding various Pokémon Go Safari Zone events in a number of Unibail-Rodamco shopping centres and, unlike the big Pokémon Go Fest, they were pretty successful overall.

In these events players could gather together and catch Pokemon and take part in Raid Battles. These events were also host to some rare Pokémon that aren’t usually seen in Europe. In total, over 59 million Pokémon were caught in the surrounding area while these events were taking place.

Now, the Pokemon Go Safari Zones continue, this time in Korea from Saturday November 4 through to November 12. On November 10 through to November 12 Korean-based trainers will be able to battle and capture Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia in Raid Battles throughout the city.

What’s more, players who search for Pokemon around Lotte World Mall will have a unique opportunity to encounter Mr. Mime and Unown!

From here the Safari Zone heads on over to Tottori in Japan from November 24 through to November 26. Players will be able to catch a number of new Pokémon including some rarely seen in the country.


As for everyone else in the world, Niantic Labs is still gradually rolling out a number of changes to the game as well as a number of new Pokémon from Generation 3.

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