Coco, the latest Pixar film is nearly here! If you haven’t been following any of the previous trailers for this film, Coco is about a young Mexican boy named Miguel who wants to follow his dream of being a musician like his great grandfather, against his family’s wishes.

During the yearly Dia de Muertos (‘Day of the Dead’ for us English speaking plebs) festival, Miguel finds his way into the Land of the Dead and seeks to discover the secret reason why his family have forbidden him from playing music. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume it’s because Enrique Iglesias ruined Latin music forever.

The film looks to be heartwarming, inspiring, hilarious, stunning, beautiful, thought-provoking and all those other complimentary words that will be printed on the Blu-Ray cover. That is all just par for the course now for Pixar, probably the best animation studio in the last half century. The real question is what’s new in Coco? It’s hard to say at the moment, though there will no doubt be some surprises in store that will tug at your heart strings. Coco does seem set to deal with the topic of death, after all, and explaining human mortality to a child can be a touchy topic, so hopefully it’s handled well.

The film is directed by Lee Unkrich, who also directed Toy Story 3, so there will probably be something in the film that will make millennials whose greatest life tragedy was the day the guy at Starbuck’s gave them the wrong coffee declare the film to be ‘the saddest thing EVARR’.

Anyway, what’s new in the latest trailer? Not too much actually, most of what we see has been hinted at in the previous trailers. There is an effort to blend all the themes of music and family together this time, as well as showing us some of the spooky skeleton related comedy the film has in store. The film will assuredly be a hit and a great watch as well. Check out the trailer to see for yourself:

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Coco is scheduled for release in the United States on 22 November, so head to the theatres soon before they are clogged up with the next superhero/Star Wars/Transformers sequel the studios churn out with the creative effort of a Big Mac.

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