Epic Games has announced that Fortnite has just surpassed 20 million players across both game modes since Fortnite’s launch earlier this year.

Fortnite initially launched into paid early access back in July offering the game’s “Save the World” co-op campaign to players willing to pay for one of the game’s Founder’s Packs. Then in September Epic Games announced the addition of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode which would be free for all players.

Since then, Fortnite’s player base has soared pushing the concurrent player numbers past the 800,000 mark, and now, according to a post on the Fortnite Twitter account the game overall has accumulated 20 million unique players.

This of course covers both the Save the World campaign and Battle Royale, however it’s incredibly likely that the free Battle Royale mode is the one pulling most of the users in at this point.

It’s safe to say that Battle Royale’s competition, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has a lot of work to do ahead of its release on Xbox One. Sure, PUBG has a player base on PC and many have been pawing for the game on consoles for some time, but can PUBG really shout over the noise already being made by Fortnite?

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