Fortnite Battle Royale Free to Play

Epic Games revealed that this past weekend Fortnite Battle Royale had surpassed over 800K concurrent players, however it wasn’t good news.

If you tried to jump into Fortnite Battle Royale this weekend you might have been met with disappointment as queues to get into the game were exceeding 15 minutes at some point. Over on the Fortnite Twitter account, they hoped to quell the storm by assuring players that they were working on the issue.

Turns out, the game had hit 811K concurrent players and the servers weren’t quite equipped to handle that many players and this the issues arose.

Drespite server woes, that’s a pretty impressive number considering the game has only been available for a little over a month now. This is likely due to Fortnite Battle Royale currently being the first big battle royale game on consoles.

That being said, the release date for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One has just been unveiled and will likely bring some stiff console competition this December.

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