Jeez, the way people are talking, you’d think an important Avengers movie is coming out next year. Oh, wait… Y’know how you can tell that an Avenger movie is coming out? No other non-Marvel studio project is daring to launch a movie in the summer and are holding back in general for this year.

Yes, it’s been another three years and it’s time for all the Marvel movies of phase 3 to come to its exciting payoff as apparently all of the Marvel characters team up for the two-parters, The Infinity War.

Will Rocket Racoon and Winter Solider get along? Can Spider-man and Doctor Strange kick butt during an alien invasion? Will anyone be that bothered if Iron Fist dies? All questions that will be answered next year, but for now, here are four things that people tend to forget about The Avengers, and I’m here to fill you in.

Captain America wasn’t part of the original Avengers team

captain america president

Yeah the big red, blue and white Sentinel of Liberty didn’t join the all-star Marvel superhero team until Issue 4.

Of course, Captain America as a creation is way older than the like of Tony Stark or the Hulk as he was around as a war fighting superhero back in World War 2.

Hulk left the team after two issues

The Incredible Hulk

You may love the Hulk as a member of a superhero team, but way back in the 60s, his first run in the Avengers didn’t last long.

After the band of heroes came together in Issue 1, Hulk decided to call it a day in Issue 2 as many can’t see the hero, but see a monster instead.

Hulk, of course, came back to the Avengers a few years ago, I can’t think why…

Spider-man was only a reserve member to start with


Young Peter Parker might have been super duper keen to join the team in the movies but back when he was offered membership in the comics he ended up as a reserve.

He only joined the team full time back in the mid-2000s because of fate (a tradition that most Avenger teams form by chance) as he and a band of other heroes came to the aid of Captain America during a prison break.

Hawkeye used Pym Particles


Hawkeye decided back in the 60s that he trusty bow and arrow was a little too unreliable and had a stint as a size-altering hero called Goliath.

It wouldn’t be the first time Clint has dropped his Hawkeye identity since he became Ronin in the mid-2000s after returning from the grave.

Have I missed any out? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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