Tony Stark, AKA The Golden Avenger, AKA Iron Man is a founding Avenger and was the character that launched the Marvel Studios franchise. Though how much do you really know about him?

I mean we all know that he was genius millionaire playboy that built a suit of armour and went on to become a rather good superhero. And if you’re really in the know, you know that right now in the comics Riri Williams is standing in for Stark in the wake of recent events and is set to return.

But if you’re really really in the know, you will have seen him take a hit from Demigod alien Thanos.

If that’s not enough Iron-clad facts for you, we’ve got four facts that you probably didn’t know about Iron Man and playboy genius, Tony Stark.

Iron Man wasn’t red and yellow at first.

You know in the first Iron Man movie Stark built that grey crude suit to escape his captors? Well did you know in the comics Tony Stark kept that armour for a while before upgrading?

He did go gold, but he kept the crude retro design before eventually moving over to the yellow and red more well-known design.

Iron Man took over SHIELD for a while

The events of Civil War seemed small and contained on the big screen but in the comics, it had some huge effects on the Marvel Universe.

Aunt May was shot after Peter Parker revealed his secret identity, Captain America was arrested and then shot, and Tony Stark, the victor of the event even took over SHIELD as director.

Though he got the can after it turned out shapeshifting aliens called The Skrulls had invaded Earth and he was ineffective in stopping them.

He’s a recovering alcoholic

Tony Stark had a lot of demons in his early career, all caused by an addiction to alcohol. This was confronted by the Demon in the Bottle storyline as Stark went into recovery.

Though things couldn’t be simple since he lost his company and briefly couldn’t be the Golden Avenger which led to…

James Rhodes took over briefly as Iron Man

James Rhodes didn’t get his War Machine armour first, he had to prove himself as Iron Man as Stark had to take some time out of fight his alcohol addiction.

Stark eventually returned when the suit caused Rhodes to become violent and aggressive and gave his best buddy his own suit of armour.


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