As the years go on, the esports industry finds itself in an increasingly visible space. Now with Overwatch League and LCS offering franchising opportunities for its teams, and money coming in from all sorts of non-endemic sources, more people than ever before will at least have some idea of what esports is all about. Even with all of the recent industry developments, however, no one has held a convention dedicated to esports and pro gamers. Competitive gaming has been tacked onto larger shows, but never has anything focused solely on the players. Until now.

GG Expo 2018, being held on Memorial Day weekend in Seattle, Washington, is the first expo that will put the players first. “By players, for players,” as it were. It will feature panels and discussions with some of today’s most important pro gamers and industry leaders, allowing fans to interact with, and learn from, some of the best in the business.

“We want to offer a different experience,” says Joe English, Executive Director of GG Expo. “Our goal is to improve player accessibility and promote community building.”

Accessibility has been a major pain point over the years for the esports industry. Aspiring pros don’t know how to develop their skills or market themselves, fans aren’t usually given much time to interact with pros, and even content creators sometimes have a difficult time making their projects visible and meaningful. You’ll often see people refer to the esports community as “incestuous” or “in a bubble”, and they’re not necessarily wrong. Game balance and strategy discussions at the pro level often feel like they’re being spoken in another language. GG Expo aims to remedy these problems by putting fans and pros in front of each other.

Here are some of the specific events and attractions you will see at GG Expo:

  • Center Stage and Gaming Stages: Exhibition tournaments, gameplay demonstrations and panel discussions with professional players
  • GG Discover Theater: Top players, teams, streamers, students and industry experts discuss trending topics in esports
  • Contests and Fan Experiences: Participate in GG Expo’s “Tricked Out PC,” “Best in Cosplay” and “Best of GG Expo” contests
  • Esports Triceleron: University and professional players compete to be crowned best all-around esports triathlete
  • Expo & Fan Zone: Experience new games, products and services

According to English, the expected attendance for GG Expo will be about 3,000 people. Check out their site and social media outlets (FacebookTwitterInstagram) to stay up to date on developments and ticket sales!

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