GTA Gingerbread
There is something just so disturbing about this picture.

Take-Two announced during its earning report for the quarter ending September 30 that GTA 5 has surpassed 85 million sales making it one of the best selling games in the US.

It looks like there’s no stopping GTA 5 as the game continues to smash records and earning mega bucks for Take-Two. In their earning reports for the last quarter, the company revealed that since May the game has managed to achieve an additional 5 million sales.

This puts Grand Theft Auto V as the “all-time best-selling video game” ever in the US based on revenue and units sold across both digital and physical platforms. This also pushes the game ahead of Wii Sports which totalled at 82.83 million units worldwide, though Wii Sports was a bundled game with the Wii, GTA 5 is not.

As for GTA Online, that part of the game continues to rake in the cash for Take-Two who reported that it had its “best quarter yet” in terms of revenue. This part of the game has been the one that’s received the most attention from developers Rockstar Games who continue to add more content for players over the years.

The game’s single player on the other hand has been pretty much left alone, and it’ll stay that way according to the developer who revealed recently that the planned DLC for the game’s Story Mode was no longer in the works.

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