Hearthstone‘s 2018 release schedule has been revealed and it looks like Blizzard’s TCG will be getting three new expansions, continuing 2017’s release schedule.

For a while Hearthstone saw two different types of updates, one was a much larger card-focused expansion, others were smaller narrative-focused events. In 2017 however, we saw these two things being mashed into one as we saw just three massive expansions launching this year; Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and the upcoming Kobolds & Catacombs expansion.

In 2018 this trend looks to continue as Blizzard has revealed that next year will see three more expansions launching for the game with single-player campaigns included.

“It’s hard to put definitive numbers to those sets, but three full sets – whatever that may mean, give or take cards – is absolutely the plan, with missions in each,” Thompson confirmed over on Metabomb, adding that “we feel it’s best to continue to add mission content to the actual release set for several reasons.”

The Grand Tournament

Tompson explained that releasing Adventures were holding back what some of the game had to offer in terms of new cards being added to the meta, and for those that never completed the Adventures fully, this prevented them from getting those cards.

“We needed to tone down the complexity of the Adventures, and as a result they were less challenging for the more experienced players – and we certainly got that feedback,” he added.

“This is a way we get to put the challenge into them – and certainly with the Dungeon Run there’ll be a ton of challenge in there – but there’s no gated content behind that, other than a card back for beating all nine heroes. It’s very different from ‘I don’t have a card I can add to my deck now and make a certain deck type’.

“For that reason, putting together three full releases with mission content is a big part of how we see the game going forwards.”

Hearthstone‘s next big expansion, Kobolds & Catacombs is set to launch on December 8. Players can pre-order card packs from the upcoming expansion and earn themselves a new card back which they can use immediately.

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