Just like the Xenomorphs themselves, the Alien Franchise just will not die. Despite a fair few duds in the line of movies they just keep coming back. We can all kind of agree that the first two Alien movies are good. The third one on the other hand was a mess and a flawed false ending to the franchise.

Then we have the fourth, which is a misunderstood sequel just like the awkward black sheep of a family. Meanwhile, the Prometheus prequels will be seen by most as being a kindred spirit with the Star Wars prequels in terms of not being looked upon so fondly.

But at least we got some cools comics involving Batman and that makes it all worth it right? Though why did the third one go so wrong? Well at lot went wrong behind the camera which leads to the result on screen.

So let’s say hypothetically I had the chance to do the third Aliens movie. How would I do it? Well, let’s look at the franchise before the third one.

The first one was about one Alien causing havoc and second was a bunch of aliens and a larger one causing a bit of trouble. So the third should surely be a giant one causing a lot of trouble for everyone?

How big? Godzilla sized? Kaiju-sized that’s how it should go – yeah, I’m going there. In terms of synopsis, this is a rough idea of how it should go:

It’s another colony planet with a thriving city, but it has that grungy 80s Sci-fi vibe. Maybe one the outskirts someone uncovers another spaceship or a giant egg and releases the huge Xenomorph the size of a skyscraper who can create regular sized Xenomorphs and different types of the beast, borrowing some from the expanded continuity like super strong ones or one that can spit fire or some such.

Of course, the Xenomorph goes around crushing everything and spitting acid and all.

No giant mecha, since I doubt Weyland Yutani would allow it’s human disposable employees such a luxury. Maybe Ripley and the gang can turn up, but it doesn’t matter, you just need some red shirts and few sensible folks trying to escape and a bad guy or two trying to steal the Xenomorphs secrets.

Chuck in some cool fight scenes and boom.

It may be a little ambitious for the 80s, but with the right filming and effort, it could work with the right vision and effects team.

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