Jackbox Games are back once again with another Jackbox Party Pack, this time it’s the Jackbox Party Pack 4 which comes with a brand new version of Fibbage and four brand new party games each of which have their own unique feature, however this time around it seems to be a little less family-friendly and a little more for millennials.

As with each Party Pack we have one headline game. In the Jackbox Party Pack 4 it’s the classic game of Fibbage which tasks players with creating believable but untrue answers to some random statistic, factoid, or headline. Fibbage 3 is pretty much the same take on the classic formula with a number of tweaks for those who want to stream the game. There’s also a new version where players can create lies about other players in the room which is definitely a nice touch.

Elsewhere in Jackbox Party Pack 4 we’ve got four brand new games, Survive the Internet, Monster Seeking Monster, Bracketeering, and Civic Doodle. In this review, I’ll rundown each one of these games and share my thoughts on each one.

Fibbage 3

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Fibbage 3 Screenshot

Fibbage 3 is an exact example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. For those familiar with Fibbage you’ll instantly be able to jump in and get started creating lies and fooling your friends with totally plausible answers. Unlike previous entries, this title does have more of a focus on Twitch, allowing VIPs to take control over certain answers, allowing Twitch login only, as well as delayed timers and more.

Ultimately, this is just a refreshed version of Fibbage with a new 70s theme which has a number of new factoids for players to lie about – perfect for those who have played past entries to death.

In addition to the main game, players can also opt into a version of the game which has players making up lies about each other. It’s definitely an interesting spin on the game, however it is recommended you play with more than the minimum three players.

Survive the Internet

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Survive the Internet Screenshot

Survive the Internet is a bit of a wildcard in Jackbox Party Pack 4 as it requires at least some knowledge of the Internet and how it works. This is fine for those of us who grew up with Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, and all the other social networks.

For those who haven’t a clue what “checking in” means or the difference between their “hashtags” and their “comments”, it becomes a pretty boring and somewhat confusing game.

In Survive the Internet players are tasked with creating hilarious comments based on random questions that players are asked before hand. However these tend to be tailored to different social networks. First players create a response based on a question, then they’re tasked with creating something the response may be attached to. For example, first players are asked to respond to something, then they’re asked to suggest a location for a “check-in” site.

Then, the responses from the first question are randomly bundled up and offered to the other players to select the most hilarious one. This then results in a number of locations and “reviews” for that location.

It sounds complicated, and in all fairness, even for someone who generally understands the workings of the Internet, it can get a little confusing. This is due to the nature of each “social network” being used. One requires to to create a “hashtag” another is a comment replying to someone’s status. Obviously hashtags have no spaces, yet comments do. Trying to explain this to someone who has little understanding of these different formats kind of takes all the fun out of the game.

Monster Seeking Monster

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Monster Seeking Monster Screenshot

I honestly didn’t get the point of this game. Maybe because it shouldn’t be available for three players, maybe because you shouldn’t be playing this with family members. either way, this game is some sort of monster dating game, however during our time with the game we didn’t understand the concept behind it, at all.

Players are tasked with taking part in a date-a-thon where they’re pretending to be human where actually, they’re monsters. The game has players then sending private messages to each monster in an attempt to win a date. As you can imagine, trying to date your mother-in-law can be a little awkward.

This was unfortunately our least favourite game in the whole pack as it just seemed like a very pointless game which had no real end goal other than scoring points by securing dates.


Jackbox Party Pack 4 Bracketeering Screenshot

This game is a simple “vote to win” game. Players are tasked with creating a series of answers based on a topic for example, “The Best Monster to Date”. Once players have all submitted their answers, they’re all pitted against each other in a tournament-style vote.

For example, Swamp Monster vs Zombie, who would you rather date? It’s a difficult choice but one has to win. Players can choose to vote for their own answers or admit defeat and vote for the more appropriate answer. Overall it’s a pretty enjoyable game as it does throw some computer-generated answers in there so you’ll never really know whose answers are whose.

This is definitely one of the more impressive debut titles from Jackbox Party Pack 4 and would again be much better with more than the minimum three players.

Civic Doodle

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Civic Doodle Screenshot

What could easily be a favourite in Jackbox Party Pack 4 is Civic Doodle, another drawing game but this time it tasks players with decorating certain parts of a community. Unlike Bidiots two players go head to head to create an image which the other players’ vote for. The winning image then goes through to the next round where another two players build upon the first winning image.

It’s actually pretty hilarious what creations can be made. What makes it even funnier is that you don’t actually know where the image is going to be displayed when it’s completed. One of our creations ended up being displayed on a cow…


Overall, while I’m an absolutely huge fan of Jackbox Games, the Jackbox Party Pack 4 is a bit of a let down. Fibbage 3 is a great addition, and being able to now stream it on Twitch with better moderation is a huge plus. However, the rest of the pack is unfortunately a bit of a flop. It feels to me like the games’ minimum of 3 players was a bit of an oversight as most of the games just don’t work. At least with Survive The Internet it throws a random bot in there to help out, however for the other games, they’re definitely better with more players.

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